Laptop Buying Guide

The laptop market has changed a lot. Now laptops are not just the need to the business world, they have become an integral part of life at school, college and at home. When there is wide range available in market it is sometimes confusing to choose the right laptop for your needs, especially for new buyers. But, do not worry, we are here to help you buy. At Notebook Hub we don’t sell, we help you buy!

Determining what you need

You must choose your laptops on based of what it should capable of handling smoothly. You need it for drafting official documents, presentations or emails or designing graphics and CAD drawings or playing high end video games.
You can take a laptop with you wherever you go, even abroad so make sure you compare screen size and weight accordingly.
Many laptops can do what we expect most desktops to do. The latest “i” series is one of the fastest. The latest one is i9 but you can check out i3 and i5 also.
Laptops save on space, this makes them great for small apartments, or for using on your bedroom desk.

Keep the negatives in mind.

While laptops are great for portable computing, there are a few significant drawbacks.
Laptops are easy to steal if you forget to take care when traveling with them!
Their battery life isn’t extraordinarily long and can be frustrating if you want to work without electricity for a long period of time.
Because laptops typically can’t be upgraded like a desktop can, they can become obsolete quicker! So make sure you plan and look for specification for next 3-5 years.


It is important to know how much your budget is before you start looking or purchase something beyond your means. There is a wide range of laptops available in the market and setting a limit will ensure that you enjoy the laptop you can afford. Decide what technical features are important to you and fit these within your budget.