Layman’s guide to choosing laptop – part 2

To simplify the technological terms for our readers / customers we have started this series. It will not only help you choose and buy a Laptop for your home / business but will also help you in your day to life.

In the previous article we discussed the laptop features like Weight, CPU, RAM Hard Disk, Operating Systems and now we will continue with more technical terms. If you haven’t gone through the previous article Layman’s guide to choosing laptop click here.

Screen Size

Even though one of the most common screen sizes is 15.6” in India wide range of laptops are available in 14”, 13” & 11” also. It is completely your choice what size screen you need or like. Most of designers prefer large screens and professionals dealing with documents and numbers prefer small laptop screen sizes because they are easy to carry and lightweight. You can always visit our Notebook Hub Store in Pune, India to see options physically and decide.

Graphics Card

This is a little confusing technical term for some of our customers. Generally graphics card / graphics memory is a must for professionals who use heavy graphics related software like AutoCAD, 3D Animation and Movies editing etc. Even for people who play high end computer games love to have a bigger graphics card memory. For documents and office software you really don’t need graphics memory.

Webcam & Mic

Even though most of the latest laptops are equipped with inbuilt Webcam and Mic it is always advisable that you re-confirm it while buying it online or from and stores because interacting with Skype and Meeting software becomes very easy with these features if they are inbuilt and you don’t need to carry more wires with you!

We will come up with more information about more technical and advanced technological features in our coming articles. Follow us on Facebook and you will keep getting notifications.

For more details visit and visit our store and one of our Tech Guru will be happy to assist you choosing the best laptop for your needs and budget.

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