Layman’s guide to choosing laptop

Sometimes choosing laptops can be very confusing for customers. After going through many queries and responses from our customers we present a guide while choosing a laptop. Even though there is a huge list of features to look for we are going to discuss only the major ones.

When you are planning to buy a laptop it is very much likely that you are looking for portability (ability to move with your device easily) otherwise one would choose a desktop which stays at one place on a table equipped with continuous power supply.

WeightWeight of Laptop while buying

While purchasing a laptop the weight of laptop is one of the key factors because you will be carrying it for your meetings etc. A good quality waterproof Laptop Carry Case is always recommended while travelling to keep the laptop safe.


Second most important factor is the CPU (central processing unit) speed. It is measured in GHz (gigahertz). The RAM (random access memory) this is working memory of your laptop / desktop which generally referred to speed of your laptop. It is defined in GB Gigabytes e.g. a machine with 8 GB will be much faster than a laptop with 4 GB of RAM.

Hard Disk

This is feature defines how much data e.g. documents, pictures and videos you can store on your machine. Generally it is measured in GB but now a days big size disks are also available those are mentioned is TB (terabyte = 1000 GB).

Operating System

Operating System has become an important factor while buying a laptop because of Software Piracy (illegal use of software). Yes, software is legal property of their respective owners/developers and you have pay for them unless it is specified as FREE by software companies. There is wide range of operating available but most commons are Windows and Mac OS.

There are many features such as display size, different ports, webcam, mic etc which might come as secondary factors BUT we will be giving more information about those also in our next articles.

For more details visit and visit our store and one of our Tech Guru will be happy to assist you choosing the best laptop for your needs and budget.

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